Make Limoncello

Ahh Limoncello!  It’s that sweet, tart and refreshing Italian digestif that brings back memories of the Amalfi Coast.  Unfortunately, the store-bought stuff is medicinal sweet and brings back nightmares of my mom’s “homemade Chinese herbal medicine that cures EVERYTHING”.  The good news is, delicious Limoncello is rather simple to make at home! Typically, Limoncello only requires three ingredients: sugar, spirit and lemon.  I have heard … Continue reading Make Limoncello

Grow Wheat Grass

Taking a shot of wheat grass daily is supposed to do wonders for your overall health and well being.  Wheat grass shots are packed with vitamins and nutrients that have been reported to help with preventing illness, improving complexion, boosting energy, etc. On the downside, a shot of wheat grass from your local Juiceria can set you back $5-6 a pop.  As a strong proponent … Continue reading Grow Wheat Grass