Portugal in 5 Days

I’m very lucky that circumstances have allowed for 2016 to be my year of world travel.  When I heard about a super cool promotion that TAP airlines was offering, I immediately started to research a trip to Portugal.  In an effort to boost tourism in Portugal, TAP airlines – the major carrier servicing Portugal,  offers a 1,2 or 3 day layover on transatlantic flights with … Continue reading Portugal in 5 Days

How To Travel to Cuba as a US Citizen

Due to the embargo, technically US citizens cannot ‘spend money’ in Cuba. You have to fly out to Cuba from another country (We chose Mexico).  Prior to flying from Mexico to Cuba we bought our ‘Tourist Card’.  This is required and costs 25 USD. When you enter Cuba, Cuban immigration officials stamp your ‘Tourist Card’ as opposed to your Passport.  When you leave Cuba, you will need … Continue reading How To Travel to Cuba as a US Citizen

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is one of the most surprising cities I have come across in some time.   While I did some preliminary planning prior to traveling to Israel, no book, magazine or travel blog could have prepared me for what I discovered in this wonderful city. Tel Aviv is unexpectedly secular and tolerant.  Most tourists – including myself – unknowingly assume that a city within the … Continue reading Tel Aviv, Israel

A Long Weekend In Jordan

Visiting the World Heritage site of Petra has been on my bucket list since I fell in love with the adventures of Indiana Jones.  Once my travel plans to Israel were confirmed, I knew I had to visit Jordan to behold the ancient city of Petra.  Fortunately, a weekend trip is very do-able although I would advise a longer stay if possible. To start, a … Continue reading A Long Weekend In Jordan

Make Limoncello

Ahh Limoncello!  It’s that sweet, tart and refreshing Italian digestif that brings back memories of the Amalfi Coast.  Unfortunately, the store-bought stuff is medicinal sweet and brings back nightmares of my mom’s “homemade Chinese herbal medicine that cures EVERYTHING”.  The good news is, delicious Limoncello is rather simple to make at home! Typically, Limoncello only requires three ingredients: sugar, spirit and lemon.  I have heard … Continue reading Make Limoncello

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

This beautiful Balearic Island in Spain is where you will find many Europeans winter vacation.  With clear turquoise beaches and history rich in Roman, Byzantine and Muslim influences, what’s not to like from this Mediterranean island?  However,  if sunbathing and architecture are not your thing, there are plenty of other things to do including whisking away to Valldemossa – a small town which inspired the … Continue reading Palma de Mallorca, Spain